The Fairy Lady

of Sparkle Laine

An Introduction to The Fairy Lady

Welcome to the world of The Fairy Lady.

I have always believed in the fairy folk and magical creatures. 

Having failed to catch one (they’re just too fast), I decided to start creating my own fairies to keep me company around my home.

After a little while everyone who saw my little fairy creations fell in love with them with their magical charm and so “The Fairy Lady” came to be.

Now, as hard as it is to part with my fairies, I create them for other people to take home, look after and enjoy.

In the world of The Fairy Lady you will find beautiful one of a kind (OOAK) magical creations of all shapes and sizes. From baby fairies sleeping in flowers, to mandrake plants and trolls. Each little fairy, mermaid, dragon and magical creature is individually hand sculpted, painted, clothed and decorated with a lot of love and care, and of course a touch of magic!

If you can’t see a fairy or creature that’s just right for you, please get in touch via the contact form here and I’ll be happy to talk to you about a one off commission to your preferred requirements.

Fairy and creature commissions come in many different sizes, from as small as 3 inches to almost 16 inches in height for some creatures. Hair, skin tone, eye colour and pose can all be dictated by you, and of course they can be dressed as you wish.

No two creations are ever identical. There is no mass production, just my time, heart and soul poured into each one.

So please look around and also pop over to Sparkle Laine too, and keep your eyes open for the fairy folk, remember… seeing is believing!!

Michelle x


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